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EN - The Heartbeat of the City

17m 22s

Downtown Kingston, is the epicenter of trade, commerce and culture in Jamaica’s capital. This city has seen many comings and goings. The one constant has been the Push Cart!. Transporting goods, fruits, food stuff, materials and services, not many think of how important they are. And the men who make them, repair them, rent them and take care of them. And the women who make a living from these said Pushcarts. The Push Cart is the “Heartbeat of the city”.

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EN - Goshen

1h 25m

‘Goshen – Places of Refuge for the Running People’ is a powerful documentary depicting the diet and active lifestyle of the indigenous Tarahumara, a light-footed running tribe, who are striving to maintain their ancient culture against all odds.

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EN - Lionfish - New Pirates of the Caribbean

52m 00s

The Red Lionfish is by far the coolest fish on the block: armed with eighteen venomous spines, he hunts, invisible to its prey, in packs. He has grand ambitions, too, spreading to new and unprepared waters: the Atlantic Ocean. The film sheds light on stunning abilities that let the lionfish conquer foreign waters, and by doing so threaten entire ecosystems. With stunning visual, high-speed footage, the film tells a suspenseful story, spanning over three continents and two oceans.

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EN - Colombia in My Arms

1h 30m

Ernesto is one of the FARC guerrillas who, after 52 years of armed conflict, are about to surrender their arms in exchange for the promise of political participation and better social inclusion of the poorest populations. As Ernesto, full of hope, fights to change society, opposing forces rise.

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